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ISPC Financing | How Residential Solar Water Heating Works

ISPC Financing Explains Modern Solar Water Heating for Your Home

There’s nothing quite like taking a long hot shower or a warm bath at the end of a long day, but you what you may not know is that this simple pleasure is probably costing you and the environment a lot more than you realize. ISPC Financing recommends a modern alternative to heating your water at home that’s more sustainable than crude electric and gas-fueled boilers.

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Natural solar powered water heaters have been commercially available for over well over a century. Even our ancestors knew the value of a warm bath at very little cost. These were made from crude metal tanks that were installed on your roof. They began in California and quickly made their way to Florida, but unfortunately, the industry was crippled by a copper shortage after World War II. At the same time, economic incentives offered by electric companies encouraged people to switch over to electric heating systems.

Today, the tables are turning once more as skyrocketing oil prices and fears of human-induced climate change have brought the focus back to more sustainable ways of living comfortably.

In modern times, there are more advanced ways to collect radiant energy from the sun to heat water commercially, in a single household setup. We’ve taken the time to discuss each one below.

Flat Plate Collector

As its name suggests, a flat plate collector uses a large flat surface area called an absorber to maximize the exposure to the sun. It has small tubes bonded to it that allow water to collect heat from the absorber.

The sides and the bottom of the collector are well insulated, and the top is covered in a specially coated glass that lets radiant energy through but prevents as much as possible of it from escaping. The coating of the absorber is given a similar treatment.

Evacuated Tube

The evacuated tube is a long skinny absorber inside a glass tube. The space between the absorber and the glass tubes has been evacuated of air, which makes it highly insulated. It works a lot like a Thermos or Klean Kanteen with an insulated double-wall design.

ISPC Financing can help you on your path toward a more sustainable lifestyle by offering affordable terms on household improvement projects like solar water heaters and air-conditioning systems. We specialize in financing environmentally sound products through our list of select dealers and merchants in Florida. Learn more be browsing through our website or call us at 800-345-4772.