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ISPC Financing | Avoiding Home Improvement Projects

Avoid Delays on Home Improvement Projects with ISPC Financing

It’s easy to think of your house as a permanent rock that you can rely on to keep you sheltered and warm for your entire life, but ISPC Financing finds that homes are more like living, breathing things that need to be treated well though proper care and maintenance. No matter how much your initial investment was, paint peels, nails rust, and eventually roofs leak over time. You may even want to add something to your home that you hadn’t thought of when you bought it, or had it built.

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According to a recent study conducted by Porch.com, the average American home has nine home improvement projects that need attention, and 32% of homeowners have been putting off at least one home improvement job for 12 months or more, while only 10% of homeowners felt that they were on top of their home maintenance projects.

The most common offender was found to be painting jobs, which accounted for 55%. The next was bathroom remodeling at 30%, and new carpet installation came in next at 28%. These were closely followed by landscaping, kitchen remodeling, and drywall repair.

When the need arises, ISPC Financing recommends that you have major home improvements done professionally and immediately to avoid spending more on further damage or shoddy workmanship in the long run. This is especially true for critical projects like kitchen and bathroom remodeling, roof repair, and electrical installations.

ISPC Financing offers affordable terms and payments that are tailored to the project being financed, and the credit situation of the borrower. We specialize in financing environmentally sound products through our list of select dealers and merchants. Our wide range of products include residential heating and air conditioning as well as solar water heating and swimming pool water heating systems.

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With current trends in inflation and interest rates, it’s better to fix your home sooner rather than later. Not only do materials become more expensive almost every year, but the cost of borrowing money does too.

We even offer an open credit account for ongoing home improvement projects to help you deal with unexpected additional expenses. This is a revolving account that you can access for various purposes by contacting us. Payments can be made convenient through our Autopay service, which automatically deducts payments from your account each month, so you don’t miss a payment by accident.

For more information, browse through our FAQ’s or call 800-345-4772.